Use Reward Programs to Improve Patient Loyalty & Generate Referrals

Use Rewards Program to Grow Your Medical Practice

The business of healthcare is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. Now more than ever, effective and targeted medical marketing

strategies are required if you hope to have a profitable medical practice.  As the health care industry changes as a whole, medical practices will have to shift their focus to satisfying patient’s needs and providing superior medical care. Mediocre health services are on their way out…guaranteed! As consumers are provided greater choices and better financial information, doctors will have to take measures to ensure patient loyalty. One way to improve patient loyalty and patient referrals is through the use of reward programs.

When crafting a rewards program for your medical practice make sure your offers are ethical, realistic, and easy to participate in. Depending on the type of practice you operate, rewards programs can provide discounts, prizes, or incentives. For example, if you are a dermatologist that offers laser hair removal, you may offer your patients 1 free laser treatment for every 5 treatments they purchase. If you are a family physician, you could offer a low-fat cookbook or other health related prizes for patients who adhere to your treatment plans properly. A dentist could use a reward program to offer free whitening or teeth cleaning to patients who refer 5 patients to their office each year.

If you really wanted to build a community around your practice and generate positive word of mouth buzz, you could create a membership program that provides members with special rates on exams or free screenings as loyal patients. Don’t be afraid to use innovative strategies. If you stand out in a positive way, you will attract patients to your practice and drastically improve your income.

One out-of-the box strategy is to join forces with a local spa or gym and provide a special rate on those services to all of your patients who maintain an annual exam schedule with your practice. Also, take these tactics online and use these offers to generate interest by those prospective patients using the Internet to find a health care provider.

Always implement a rewards program that fits in well with your image and practice area. Take the time to research your current patient panel so that you create a rewards program that they will want to participate in. Then, make it easy for patients to get involved and spread the word. Using a rewards program in your health care marketing plan will enable you to build strong and long-term doctor-patient relationships. And strong doctor-patient relationships are the cornerstone of any lasting medical practice.

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