About Rx MD Marketing Solutions

Healthcare Marketing Services for Doctors, Physicians, Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Dentists & More!

Who We Are

Rx MD Marketing Solutions is a no nonsense healthcare marketing firm that believes healthcare marketing doesn’t have to be unaffordable, complicated, or unethical to be effective.At Rx MD Marketing Solutions we seek to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and technology you need to build a sustainable medical practice so that you can enjoy more of what you really want to do…practice medicine.

Rx MD Marketing Solutions can help you build better relationships with your patients, and help you bridge that sometimes uncomfortable gap between providing superior patient care and the need to market and sell your services.

We help savvy practice managers and entrepreneurial-minded physicians build successful and sustainable health care organizations without giving up what you stand for.

What We Do

At Rx MD Marketing Solutions, our vision is to educate, empower, and encourage physicians to achieve their personal and professional goals by running patient-centered practices, optimizing business processes, and executing proven medical marketing strategies. We add value to our clients by offering trusted expertise, knowledge, technology and superior service.

Rx MD Marketing Solutions can provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully market your medical practice or health care organization and achieve your desired practice lifestyle. We also offer turn-key marketing systems, marketing products, web design, and in-person or virtual one-on-one consulting services to provide you with the affordable marketing support you need for success.

What We See

The  modern medical practice is evolving in rapid and dynamic ways. Advances in science, knowledge, and technology further the ability of health care providers to offer superior services to those they treat. But with those advancements, a new set of ever-changing rules, regulations, and policies have developed. It is the merging of science, knowledge and technology with rules, regulations, and policies that are changing the modern medical practice like never before.

The days of simply hanging a shingle and placing your name and number in the phone directory are quickly fading. Doctors are facing a health care industry that is increasingly consumer-driven. It is a competitive marketplace, and running a medical practice is much more than just caring for patients. It is an entrepreneurial pursuit. It is running a business.

Ironically many doctors don’t like this idea. In fact, they cringe at the thought. Yet what doctors fail to recognize is that by running their practice like a business they will actually give the consumer what they want….superior patient care.

What is more, as the rules, regulations, and policies continue to change, those health care practitioners who refuse to evolve with the times will simply be left behind. Frustrated and dissatisfied with the practice of medicine these practitioners will not survive with the fittest.

If you want the benefits of owning your own practice these days, you must realize you are a leader in health care and you must implement a strategy to operate a profitable patient-centered practice. You must run your medical practice like a business. This means you must set goals, implement a strategy, hire the right team, and monitor progress while maintaining a patient-centered practice.


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