Is Dropping Medicare the Right Option for Your Medical Practice?

Attention Physicians!

Should Physicians Opt Out of Medicare?

by Roland

If you were not aware, you should know that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have extended the deadline for establishing your Medicare participation status to March 17, 2010.

In an effort to help physicians make an informed choice and better understand their obligations under the Medicare program, the AMA released a brief overview of the Medicare guidelines as they relate to the 2010 Medicare payment updates. Increasingly, doctors are finding themselves reducing or eliminating Medicare patients from their patient panel.

Download full AMA document Medicare Participation Options for Physicians here.

Do you think dropping Medicare is the right option for your Medical Practice?

What about dropping insurance payers all together?

If you have not considered a fee-for-service business models or a hybrid fee-for-service business model, you should. Many physicians are finding that under a fee-for-service business model, patients get better medical care, more personal attention, and save money. Moreover, these physicians are finding a substantial boost in the personal income and personal satisfaction in their profession.

The AMA created an excellent resource for physicians considering  the various fee-for-service business models. Maybe it is time you start to consider whether or not a fee-for-service medical practice is the right option for you.

Download the full AMA document Cash Practice Alternatives: Considerations for Physicians here.

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