Your Staff is Vital to Your HealthCare Marketing

Well-Trained Staff are Vital to Your Success!

When it comes to health care marketing, every dollar you invest is at risk of being lost because of unpleasant or less than knowledgeable staff.  Today more than ever, people know GOOD customer service. Just think about the last time you went to a bank, a restaurant, or a hotel can you remember whether or not you received good or even exceptional customer service? Of course you can!

You may have a hard time looking at our patients like customers, but if you are going to have a strong, profitable and professional medical practice you must begin to see them that way! Just as you must look at your medical practice as a business, all the parts of running your practice must be treated like a business as well. This includes training your staff and striving to offer phenomenal customer service.

There is nothing worse than walking into a medical office where you are greeted with a bad attitude. Many times discourteous front desk staff make patients feel like they are an interruption or an inconvenience. Treating patients this way is unacceptable. It is the easiest way to lose the ability to seek referrals from your current patient panel.

Remember, the people you hire to interact with your patients can undermine all the health care marketing you’ve done for your practice.  Rude, impatient, or uneducated staff can easily cause existing patients to looking for another doctor and prevent new patients from choosing you as their healthcare provider.

Unfortunately this is an epidemic amongst medical practices. A recent survey revealed that nearly 63% of patients found the supporting staff for their health care providers incompetent or ill-mannered! You cannot afford to develop that type of reputation.

It is well worth your time and financial investment to make sure your staff is well-trained in customer service.  Sponsor courses to train your staff in customer service best practices. Set expectations for you staff, practice role playing and address common situations and how to handle them. This will be an invaluable investment in your health care marketing plan.

In addition to customer service, your staff must be knowledgeable enough to help patients with basic information and frequently asked questions. Interacting with patients can be stressful, especially if they are particularly demanding. But, training your staff in how to handle with these types of patients will improve the quality of healthcare you provide as well as alleviate some of those matters from your concern.  Keep your staff up-to-date on any changes occurring within the practice; educate your staff on new products and services so that they can answer questions intelligently.  Listen to your employee’s ideas and thoughts so that they participate in the success of your medical practice as a team. Make sure that each member of your staff knows that their role in the practice is important, no matter how big or small.

Listen to your patients! Ask them about their experience with your practice and how you can improve your level of service. If they bring concerns about your staff to your attention, follow up and make sure all issues are addressed.  Remember, if patients feel they are being dismissed or treated poorly, they won’t hesitate to share their experiences with others.  Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing, so make sure your patients’ experience is one they will want to talk about in a positive way.

This new economy is making extraordinary customer service imperative to business success; this is no different for your medical practice. Your staff’s performance and attitude can impact your health care marketing significantly…it’s your job to ensure they make a positive impact.

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