Your Office Décor Represents Your Image

Medical Office Waiting Room

Just because you are operating a medical facility that doesn’t mean you should ignore your office décor.  A clean and professionally decorated medical office is essential to communicating the level of service and standard of care you offer to your patients. A dash of color here and there, unique art, or a crisp modern design can lift a patient’s spirits and improve their experience at your office. Creating an enjoyable patient experience will improve your reputation and increase the chances that your patients will engage in word-of-mouth advertising.

Décor alone is insufficient in providing your patients with an excellent office visit. Your medical facility must look, and be, sanitary. You would be amazed at the great number of medical facilities that are unkempt and dirty looking. Take pride in your medical office. Be sure your facility smells fresh and the floors are clean. You can overlook these things, but be assured your patients will not overlook them. If your office has broken furniture or dirty chipped walls, this speaks volumes about the kind of health care you provide.

Part of your strategic health care marketing plan should consist of developing your brand and image. Your medical office décor and style is part of this process. Try to incorporate your personality and interests into your office décor, but also keep your patient’s comfort in mind. For example, a pediatrician could design a colorful office since their primary patients are children. Incorporate a theme that encourages children to have fun at the doctor. Eliminate the fear factor so that children will feel at ease. Paint cartoon characters on the walls and doors, and place toys in the waiting rooms.

Medical marketing is not simply advertising your practice. Marketing your medical practice is about demonstrating your value to your patients and focusing on providing superior patient care. This includes the look, feel, and cleanliness of your medical facility. Just think, what kind of health care clinic do you prefer to visit? One that is clean and makes you feel comfortable! After all, if an office looks uncared for, how well will they care for you?!?

A stylish, comfortable, and professional medical office will help you attract and retain patients. So, take extra care of your office…and your patients will do all the talking.

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