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Is your website generating leads? Do you even know? Would you like to use social media to attract patients, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re assuming that because you paid big bucks for your website, it’s performing well for you.

Ever heard of Website Grader?
Try it here and find out how your site really measures up. If you’re not up to par, you’ll want to take advantage of this offer today.

This quarter only, Rx MD Marketing Solutions is offering you the opportunity to improve your Web presence, improve the look of your website, and turn your website into a lead generating machine. The following options expire Jan. 31, 2011. Offer only valid upon verification of your e-mail address as a subscriber.

Option 1 – Current Website Evaluation $550 $250

Get a complete evaluation of your current website. In this evaluation you will receive customized feedback on the quality of your content (i.e. is your copywriting effective and engaging), the quality of your current search engine optimization practices (i.e. are you using the right keywords, link-builidng tools, title tags), the use of proven Internet marketing strategies (do you have an RSS fee, social media integration, e-mail marketing strategy), and the overall aesthetic features of your website (is it friendly AND functional). This evaluation includes specific do-it-yourself suggestions for improving all of the aforementioned areas. Your evaluation will be provided to you in a pdf format and includes a 15 minute Q&A phone call to address any questions you might have. Website evaluations are typically valued at $550. For e-newsletter subscribers only this service is currently $250.

Option 2 – Complete Website Redesign

Web design and successful Internet marketing go hand in hand. If you have a gorgeous website that doesn’t serve as a lead generating machine you are missing out on an opportunity to grow your practice in one of the most cost-effective ways. Redesigning a website to improve search engine ranking, integrating an Internet marketing strategey, and turing your website into a lead generation tool can be very difficult. Many times it is much more cost effect to build a new website all together.

So, in effort to help you get the most back for your buck using the website you already have we are offering e-newsletter subscribers who want to redesign their exisiting website the folloiwng options.

1. Obtain a Website Evaluation for $250 (option 1) and receive 15% off your site redesign. (The average site redesign costs approx. $2,500 or more)

2. Obtain a Website Evaluation for $250 (option 1) and receive 20% off a NEW website (This option includes 1 hr of training on the use of your new website’s content management system.) *New websites start at $1995 depending on desired features and level of customization*

Option 3 – Social Media Integration & Blog Development

If your website is meeting your goals and Internet marketing needs, but you’d like improve your web presence using social media and blogging, this option is for you. For $925, get full social media integration (a custom Twitter page & automated Facebook page) and blog to match your existing website. (This option also includes 1 hour of training on how to use your new social media tools as well as a crash-course on best blogging and social media practices.)

To redeem one of the aforementioned options and learn more about the details of each option, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you at a time that is most convenient for you. Or simply post a question in the comments section below and we will address your issue there!

P.S. We can’t stand pushy sales people and we won’t be pushy with you. We will simply answer your questions and help you as best we can. 🙂

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