Using Press Releases to Generate Attention for Your Medical Practice

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The Internet plays a vital role in medical marketing, but having a strong web presence isn’t the only way to use the Internet to get exposure for your practice. With the advent of online press release distribution services, a well-planned public relations campaign can secure your online presence, improve your search engine ranking, and even attract the media for FREE advertising.

The key to making press releases work for your practice is both in vast dissemination and the quality of your press release’s content. To have your press release picked up by the media you will have to release information that readers and reporters will consider newsworthy. So, what is newsworthy? News refers to any specific piece of information that attracts people’s attention. Simply ask yourself, is there anything unique or interesting happing in my practice or with types of cases that I am seeing?

What Your Press Release Should Include

When people read press releases, they try to find answers to certain questions that include how, why, when, where, what, and who. You have to provide all that information to your reader. Press releases should tell an interesting story. For example, you can highlight an upcoming community event to take place at your practice or you can talk about a new clinical development you’re using in your practice. Tell the readers what happened, when it happened, why it happened, how it happened, and where it happened – relate all these things in a very interesting way. Make sure you also include a blurb at the end of your press release telling the reader about yourself and your practice. Best of all, if reporters find your story interesting, it could prove to be a golden opportunity for you.

Avoid a Sales Pitch

Press releases should not be written like an advertisement. Press releases should only be newsworthy – each sentence should be written plainly but keep the reader interested. If reporters feel as though they are reading an advertisement, they will not cover your story.

You can also use some appealing illustrations in press releases, such as how you successfully treated patients who had otherwise lost all hope. Focus your writing on a possible problem that a majority of readers are facing and tell them why your services are the right solution for that problem. However, make sure that this is conveyed in an informative manner without speaking the language of advertisements. Always remember that press releases are a good medical marketing tool, but it is “news”, not a sales pitch.

Press releases are not only important in generating traditional media attention, but when distributed online, press releases can positively impact traffic to your website and your search engine ranking. Make your press releases work hard for your practice and provide informative content to the public. Do this properly and you will have great success.

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