Use Seminars and Talks to Build Your Medical Practice

Use Presentations to Build Your Medical Practice

The use of seminars and talks to grow your medical practice and attract new patients is an excellent way to increase your visibility and credibility as a physician.  Seminars provide doctors with wonderful opportunities to participate in health care conferences or to provide a public service by keeping your community informed about various medical issues and procedures.

When selecting a seminar topic, be sure you base your choice on how relevant the topic is to your target market. You won’t attract the type of patients you want if you don’t target your talk to a specific audience. For example, a cosmetic surgeon may give a talk on weight loss, and then link that subject matter to the procedures they offer. A dentist could conduct a seminar on dental health and it’s relation to heart disease or other ailments. A family practice physician could give a talk on diabetes control and the use of diet, exercise and medication to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The topics are endless but the key is to discuss topics that matter to your audience.

Use speaking opportunities to reach your target audience and let them see your personality as well as your expertise. If you, the physician, are unable to give a talk personally, coach a staff member or colleague on giving a presentation so that you can get your practice out in front of the community.

Health care marketing should always be conducted in a professional and ethical manner. Using seminars and talks to build your medical practice allows you to use your professional position as a health care provider to also promote your practice by providing your target audience with useful information. Always be sure your talks are built on plain simple facts so that the audience can make up their own mind about you and the information you’ve provided.

If seminars and talks seem too large-scale for your liking, opt for smaller informal talks. At Rx MD Marketing Solutions, we help physicians prepare what we call “lunch & learns.” Simply put, lunch & learns are small talks that usually take place in your practice where you educate your target audience, colleagues, or referral sources on any topic of your choosing. This medical practice marketing strategy has proved very successful for our clients and they find that it not only brings them new patients, but strengthens their referral relationships as well.

Health care marketing is not just about growing your practice and improving your image, it is also about serving your community. Using seminars and talks given to your community, colleagues, or referral sources will help you establish a well-known reputation for a commitment to patient care. This type of commitment to your patients and target audience will bring financial reward and unshakeable credibility.

Rx MD Marketing Solutions provides full service marketing for doctors, marketing for physicians, marketing for cosmetic surgeons, marketing for dermatologists, marketing for aesthetics, marketing for general practice physicians, and marketing for dentists. We are more than medical marketing consultants; we help explode the profits of your medical practice!

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