Testimonials – A Powerful Medical Practice Marketing Tool

Get A Thumbs Up From Your Patients & Use It To Your Advantage!

The most effective and powerful tool in your health care marketing arsenal is the testimonial! Used in the right way, testimonials can influence a potential patient to choose you as their healthcare provider. In fact, when it comes to medical practice marketing, testimonials are essential because they are evidence of your ability as a physician and they provide prospective customers with an expectation for results. When a prospective patient identifies with a patient that has given a testimonial, it helps them recognize that the solutions to their problems lie with you. Testimonials also give you instant credibility. People are always more comfortable when they see a real person, with real results, and an honest opinion endorse your practice. In a way, testimonials have the same effect as positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Ideally, testimonials used in medical marketing should be well structured. First, allow your satisfied patient to describe their problem briefly, then let them talk about how they felt about the healthcare you provided to them, and then let them brag about the result of your products or services. Always allow the patient providing you with a testimonial to write or tell you about their experience naturally. You never want to tell your satisfied patients what to say, but you can certainly help them shape their testimonial by asking the right questions.

Testimonials can be obtained in writing and published on promotional materials with a photo. However, thanks to the Internet and technology, it is incredibly easy to get testimonials in an audio or video format, which inspires even more confidence than the text version. When prospective patients can actually see a live person talking about how he or she benefited, testimonials can be even more persuasive.

So How Can You Go About Getting Testimonials?


Some patients voluntarily offer to give testimonials. When this happens, it is best to allow your patient to write in their testimonial in their own words. For those patients who are pleased with your products and services, but don’t offer to provide you with a testimonial, you must simply ask. Patients that are truly pleased with your medical practice won’t hesitate to give you a testimonial, but you must ASK for it. There are a number of professional and polite ways to ask for testimonials; just practice ASKING and it will become natural for you. For scripting on testimonials contact Rx MD Marketing Solutions and we can point you in the right direction. Testimonials are best taken as soon as the patient’s session is over or when they come in for a follow up visit since they may not recall their experience after an extended period of time.

Always be mindful of HIPAA regulations and obtain authorization in writing to use the patients name and likeness. Also be sure that your authorization form highlights the use of their testimonial in your promotional materials and on your Website. You don’t want to upset any of your best patients or violate their right to privacy.

Displaying the Testimonials


There is a right and a wrong way to use testimonials. So, if you’re in doubt about the best use of your testimonials, seek professional advice. The best places to use your testimonials are displayed prominently on your website, or in your promotional material like brochures, flyers, etc. You can also include them within the content of your site to talk about procedures or explain your approach to your area of medicine.

Remember, your patients aren’t your only source of testimonials. Testimonials from referring physicians or employers are also very effective in communicating your value to your prospective patients. These types of testimonials should focus on your professional experience and personality so that they can help bolster your image and brand.

Using testimonials to market your medical practice is incredibly effective. If you are not using this FREE marketing weapon to your advantage, you are missing out on great opportunities to demonstrate to prospective patients that you’re the right choice for their needs.

If you need a sample testimonial authorization form or seek further guidance in this area, don’t hesitate to contact Rx MD Marketing Solutions for a complimentary consultation. We can provide you with the tools you need!

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