Marketing Your Medical Practice Without Making a Monetary Investment

In today’s competitive marketplace, every medical practice needs to implement effective medical marketing strategies to sustain profitability. And, if you desire to grow your practice, effective medical practice marketing strategies are even more critical. Many doctors fail to invest in health care marketing activities because they don’t feel that they have the budget, and although most effective health care marketing activities require an investment, some marketing practices are FREE.

Provide Superior Patient Care!

Marketing isn’t just about advertising and promotional efforts. One integral function of health care marketing is implementing superior internal marketing tactics. Internal marketing is the marketing activity that takes place behind the scenes of your medical practice. It’s the things you and your staff do to ensure that your patients have a superior patient experience. From the first look at your Website to the first conversation with your receptionist, your patient’s experience is the series of interactions they have with your medical practice. Essentially your patient’s experience with your medical practice is based on how they are treated by you, the doctor, and your staff.

Ensuring that your patients have an extraordinary patient experience will help you generate the cheapest form of medical practice marketing…word-of-mouth advertising. Remember, patients don’t easily share positive experiences about their medical interactions, but they are quick to tell as many people as they can about a bad experience. If you provide superior customer service and your patients believe they are important to you and your staff then you will boost your practice’s credibility instantly.  Effective internal marketing requires that all office personnel are on board for providing patients with amazing service and medical care.

Another simple and often overlooked aspect of health care marketing activities is the upkeep and appearance of your medical office. Again, part of your internal marketing strategies, office cleanliness and modernity speak volumes about the type of practice you maintain. From landscaping to your patient lounge, your medical office should reflect well on your image and professionalism. Even doing little things like maintaining an orderly seating arrangement in your front office to replacing outdated magazines can improve the impression you make on patients.  As a health care provider it is important that everything be kept clean at all times because if a patient notices something that makes them uncomfortable, they could be turned-off by the practice as a whole.

Another internal marketing practice you might consider implementing is aggressive internal promotion. Internal promotion can take the form of referral programs or “valued” patient offers. The most simple and cost effective form of internal promotion however, is providing ongoing educational opportunities for patients to learn of procedures available in your medical practice. Use these educational opportunities to teach patients how you can improve their health and meet their needs. Draw on your training or unique practice methods to demonstrate to patients that you are the right medical professional for them. This medical marketing tactic makes increasing the lifetime value of your patient easy because informed patients are less price resistant and more compliant with treatment plans.

An office-wide strategic internal marketing campaign will aid your medical practice marketing objectives, and the only investment required is your commitment to excellence and superior patient care!

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