Using E-Newsletters to Grow Your Aesthetics Practice: Marketing ideas for Aesthetic Doctors

If you are a physician providing aesthetic services in your medical practice, using an e-newsletter can help you attract new patients and keep your existing ones. Your prospective and current aesthetic patients come to you because they believe they can trust you. They want know that you are an expert in your field. And, they want know that the quality of the treatment you provide is your top priority. E-newsletters are an excellent tool to help build this fundamental level of trust.

While choosing topics for your e-newsletter, keep the following in mind:

Aesthetics Doctor writing content for his e-newsletter

–      The objective of marketing health care is to nurture your relationship with your patients. This means your e-newsletter should reflect your brand, image and personality. Use your e-newsletter to help patients get to know you, not only as their doctor, but as their friend.

–      Provide useful, interesting and applicable information. Make sure that your e-newsletter is written in a way that is easy to understand. Avoid medical jargon. Keep your sentences short and easy to read.

–      Focus on talking to your target market. Simply put, this means your content should be geared towards the types of patients you want to attract to your medical practice; patients who will use your products and services. For example, if you target older and mature patients you should include content that discusses reversing sun damage, improving the appearance of sagging skin, and reducing wrinkles.


–      Tell readers what makes you unique and different from other aesthetic doctors. Practicing aesthetics is a unique skill and every doctor approaches the practice differently. This can be a great topic to cover in your e-newsletter. Tell your readers what you offer that other aesthetic physicians don’t.

–      Showcase your expertise. Your e-newsletter should be designed in a way that your readers understand that you are experienced and selective in your approach to aesthetic medicine. The idea is to establish yourself as a highly experienced specialist in your field.

–      Solidify your brand. Branding is an important part of physician’s marketing, and an e-newsletter provides you with an excellent opportunity to brand yourself. Include e-newsletter content that describes how aesthetic problems differ from one patient to another and how your customized treatments can help “fix those problems.”

When it comes to marketing an aesthetic medical practice it is important to demonstrate to prospective and current patients that you have the expertise and experience to give them the results that they want. The use of e-mail and social networking is so popular today that e-newsletters are proving to be a very effective tool for physician’s marketing. In fact, you can even use your e-newsletter to help generate referrals by encouraging readers to forward your e-newsletter to their friends and family.

If using an e-newsletter or traditional newsletter sounds like a physician’s marketing tool that you would like to implement, Rx MD Marketing Solutions can provide you with the turn-key marketing tools you need to ensure your publication is a success.

Whether you use an e-newsletter or traditional newsletter to communicate with your current and prospective patients, a newsletter provides you with a platform for sharing your personal and professional views on aesthetic medicine and surgery. Your newsletter can help you become a leader in your field if it provides quality information about the various aesthetic procedures available today. Most importantly, a newsletter will build that trust your patients are looking for when making a decision to try aesthetic procedures.

Taking the time to communicate with current and prospective patients by putting serious effort in your aesthetic medical practice marketing will increase your visibility and credibility. What’s more, it will increase your revenues too!

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