Include Article Marketing In Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

We are living in the Information Age! If you plan to succeed in any industry today, you must consistently enhance your level of

Use Article Marketing to Attract Patients

knowledge and communicate that knowledge to your target audience. Increasing and sharing knowledge not only makes you more competitive in your marketplace, but you can leverage your knowledge to support your marketing activities. Specifically, you can use article marketing as a highly effective tool in your healthcare marketing plan.

Article marketing is an effective way to both increase traffic to your Web site and establish your reputation as a leader in your field. Most importantly, people are mainly online to find information so you can become a resource to prospective clients looking for services in your industry.

Today, 84% of people research health care issues online before seeking a medical professional. And, studies show that many of these online users make decisions about choosing a health care provider based on the information they find. The old days of waiting to get an appointment with your doctor to get information are long gone, and most medical professionals are stepping up to the plate. In addition to article marketing, doctors, nurses, and even alternative caregivers maintain blogs online where they post valuable advice.

Using article marketing to promote your medical practice requires several steps. First, select article topics that are relevant and current. Keep abreast of new issues affecting your practice area and address them.

Second, write articles that are at least 300 words or more and include popular key words (or search terms). Articles that are 300 words or more are much more likely to be searched by search engine spiders for new content and this will improve your articles search engine ranking.  Also be sure to do your key word research so that you include key words that will match search queries.

Third, post your article on your website and in online article repositories. This will ensure your article gains maximum exposure online. Article marketing helps achieve two goals – it brings in traffic and helps establish you as an expert in your field.

For example, let’s say you are a weight loss doctor. To use article marketing effectively, you can write articles that appeal to your ideal patient – those struggling with weight loss. Use your article as a platform to promote your weight loss products and services by explaining their benefits to your readers. This will help increase sales and consultations. These articles need not sell right away because their job is to engage the visitor and inspire them to return frequently for more information and help. Also include a disclaimer in your articles that expressly states your advice is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for proper medical advice.

When you submit your article to online article directories to make sure that your resource box at the end of the article carries a succinct description of the article and a link to your website. With hundreds of article directories out there, it can get quite time-consuming to submit manually. Plus, not all of them are popular or helpful. If you need assistance, contact Rx MD Marketing Solutions, we can help you with this.

When it comes to medical practice marketing there are many different techniques and methods available to physicians who want to market their medical practice. What is most important is that you select effective and meaningful strategies. Marketing your health care services is about being a resource to prospective patients and demonstrating how you can meet their needs. Always let this fact be the foundation of all of your marketing activities. Whether you’re a weight-loss physician, a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, a dentist, or a family practice doctor – you can use article marketing as a simple yet effective tool to grow your medical practice. Don’t delay, start writing today!

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