How to Create Compelling Content for Your Medical Practice’s Website

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Does your website have compelling content?

Is Your Writing Engaging?
So you’ve hired a web developer to create a fantastic website for your medical practice, and now they want you to provide them with the content for your site. So, what kind of content should you put on your medical practice’s Web site?

First, define your website’s purpose.

Generating content for your medical practice’s website can be a daunting task so the best place to start is by defining the purpose of your website. Your website should be used as a platform for communicating with your patients, marketing your medical practice, and building your professional reputation. Keeping this in mind, the content of your website should accurately reflect your brand and speak to your target audience. Your goal should be to connect with your prospective patients to establish relationships with while distinguishing yourself from your competition, and develop your reputation in your market.

Provide patient education resources.

Since your website is a platform for communicating with your patients, you should also include reliable patient education resources on your site. Patient education resources can be purchased, so don’t worry about having to write them yourself, but take the time to frame your patient education resources so that they reflect the practices of your medical practice. Incorporate how your practice handles particular treatments for common diagnosis or explain common procedures as will be experienced in your office.

Promote your key products and services.

You should also use your medical website to promote and describe your key products and services. Advertise elective procedures, minimally-invasive treatments, or specialty procedures that you offer. Be sure to keep your branding model in mind when writing about these services. You want to set yourself apart from your competition and give your patients a compelling reason to choose you.

Be a reliable resource.

Today, patients are looking for medical services that they can trust. When you provide patients with reliable health care information they become well-informed patients and this will improve your physician-patient relationship. The most effective way to do this is by writing a medical practice blog that focuses on your practice area or any niche that you are comfortable writing about. Blogs also allow you to actually engage prospective patients while providing the added benefit of improving your search engine ranking. Writing a blog successfully requires a substantial time commitment, but you can find specialty services to help you develop content if necessary. Ultimately, if done correctly a blog can prove to be a win-win healthcare marketing strategy for your medical practice.

Improve the efficiency of your office.

Your website can improve the efficiency of your office by providing general information and answers to routine questions.  Use your site to post printable patient forms that can be filled out prior to the patient’s appointment and reduce paperwork to be filled out at the appointment. Also, post office hours, maps and directions, answers to frequently asked questions, staff biographies and credentials, links to insurance providers, and information about what patients should bring on their first visit.

Create a “patient experience.”

Remember your website may be the first step in your “patient experience” for some of your clients. Use your site to appeal to the tastes, attitudes and sensibilities of your target audience. Make sure your website provides the type of “patient experience” you want to be known for and is supported by the “patient experience” in your office; these “experiences” must be consistent to generate positive word-of-mouth advertising by your patients.

If you still can’t seem to generate the content you need after implementing this advice or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, Rx MD Marketing Solutions can do it for you! Contact us today for more information.

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