Healthcare Marketing Specialist, Marlee Ward,
Shares Healthcare Marketing Tips With Physicians Practice Magazine

Marlee Ward, President of Rx MD Marketing Solutions, a full service healthcare marketing firm, is featured in the May 2010 issue of Physicians Practice Magazine.

Interviewed by senior editor, Sara Michael, Ward shares guerrilla marketing strategies physicians can use to build a profitable medical practice. Having worked with physicians in multiple medical disciplines across the country, Ward provides insights on the little things medical practices, clinics, and hospitals can do to provide a better patient experience while implementing affordable and effective techniques for generating a steady flow of paying patients.

At Rx MD Marketing Solutions, Ward works one-on-one with practice managers and physician-owners to identify their healthcare organization’s goals and develop strategic marketing plans to help them implement those goals effectively. “As healthcare becomes more consumer-driven, practices are going to have to learn how to build relationships with their desired patients, rather than relying on the old school approaches to building a solid patient panel,” said Ward.

Today, more than ever, healthcare business owners must understand the necessity for marketing. Healthcare marketing isn’t just about sustaining a profitable medical practice; it is also about identifying your ideal patient and learning how to meet their needs.

Ward approaches healthcare marketing with an entrepreneurial spirit. “The days of simply hanging a shingle and placing your name and number in the phone directory are quickly fading. If you want the benefits of owning your own practice these days, you must realize you are a leader in health care and you must implement a strategy to operate a profitable patient-centered practice,” Ward says.

On the stands now, Guerrilla Marketing Your Practice by Sara Michael featuring Marlee Ward is also available online at

Physicians Practice is circulated to more than 200,000 physicians nationwide through partnerships with more than 50 hospitals and medical centers, including academic, community, faith-based, and specialty hospitals. is the leading practice management Web site for doctors and their staff around the world. Each month, the Web site averages 130,000 page views and 31,000 visits from visitors seeking answers to their questions on managing the business aspects of their practices.

Rx MD Marketing Solutions provides full service healthcare marketing services for doctors, physicians, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetics, family practice physicians, dentists, clinics, small hospitals and more.

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