Bringing Your Personality & Image to Your Medical Marketing Efforts

What is your professional image?

Health care marketing shouldn’t be cookie cutter and impersonal. Instead, a doctor’s personality and image is should always be incorporated into the development of medical marketing materials. Specifically, this means a physician should ask herself, “What is my style?”  Ask, do you prefer the feeling of an informal practice? Do you want to have a community focus? Would you like to be known for your sophisticated state-of-the-art facilities? Some other style types may be:

  • Formal
  • Regional focus
  • Aggressive
  • Relaxed
  • Friendly
  • Specialized
  • Family

The possibilities are many, but the question is….what suits and represents you best?

Once you’ve determined your personal style, look for subtle ways to let it show in your marketing materials. Your style might be evidenced by your chosen color scheme, office décor, and brochure design. Most importantly, you want to be sure you uphold the image you represent. This is why an excellent beside manner is imperative to enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

If a doctor has little or no bedside manner then that doctor will have trouble dealing with patients.  What’s more, if patients feel that they cannot communicate comfortably with their physician, or if they have a negative experience with their doctor it is likely that they could generate negative word of mouth advertising. No amount of marketing can help change the personality or mold the image of a physician into one that is caring or nurturing, but taking the time to connect with your patients and improving your communication skills will help support your medical practice’s positive image.

The goal of health care marketing is to educate your community about how YOU can meet their needs, heal their hurts, and improve their lives. It is also to tell them about YOU! When you use medical marketing strategies to educate your target market, you will grow your practice and your community will be better served.

The personality and image of a physician can help shape the approach of a health care marketing plan. So, take the time to develop your image appropriately and allow prospective patients see your personality to help build and grow your practice.

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